We don't believe that if you can't do, you teach! Your instructor, and the Dean of Students, is Robert Buckley, who has over 36 years experience in the HVAC career field. Degreed from Lamar University in HVAC,  Robert has worked all over the world in the field, including 4 years as a Navy HVAC superintendent. He has held teaching positions at Environmental Technical Institute in Chicago, and has even supported our military in Iraq as a HVAC Supervisor for Halliburton. He has been active in every aspect of the field, having held management positions, field support positions, and has been a supervisory service technician for over 25 years.  
Robert believes one thing, to be successful, you need to be trained right.  That is why his HVAC training classes concentrate on  hands on training. Students will, on a daily basis, learn  about  system components, the refrigeration cycle,  how to trouble shoot, fix problems, install units, and become EPA certified. They will feel confident in their abilities when they have completed the a/c trade school course, and it will show not only to prospective employers, but to customers as well! There is no substitute for good training, and students can rest assured that the course does not leave anyone behind. All students will fully understand each section of the course before moving on to new material. 
Upon completion of the course, all students will recieve a  Certificate in HVAC  Technician Training from South Florida Academy of AC signed by Robert.  In addition, upon passing their National EPA exam, the student will receive their National HVAC-EPA Certification with Certificate and EPA Industry card, essential for employment in the HVAC industry, good in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.
Upon completion, all students will recieve  custom made resume's, with a reference and a referral letter from Robert, who will encourage all prospective employers who contact him to hire you! In addition, we mail over 1200 resumes for each graduating class to employers in the students zip code to get the job interview process rolling. Of course, we offer job placement assistance as well, and we feel that we are some of the best in the business at it! 

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