Careers in HVAC
(Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning)

We go the extra mile to help you start your HVAC Career!

  • We create a professional resume that will showcase your skills and experience.
  • We hold a job fair at the end of each class where HVAC contractors interview you for current job openings.
  • We mail your resume to thousands of HVAC contractors.
  • We help you after you leave class.  We frequently receive calls from HVAC companies looking for our graduates and we help them find YOU!

Our Mission is to Help You!

South Florida Academy of AC is dedicated to teaching you the HVAC business. The demand is everywhere, which means geographically, you can work and live most anywhere you desire. You can choose to work for property management companies, independent AC companies, in a family atmosphere, or work for large multi-national companies, like Trane, or Carrier, and rise through the ranks. As a graduate of our HVAC trade school and academy many of you will become independent business owners and possibly even hire our future HVAC career graduates! The future is yours to decide, but you have to take the first step, and that is to get trained, and get trained right at our beautiful South Florida HVAC training center!

Property Management Companies-Today employers require that you must be certified in HVAC to hold property management/ building maintenance positions, and we get you nationally certified to apply for and get these kind of jobs! You will maintain the entire building including the HVAC units. These are usually high salary positions that include free living quarters!

Independent Companies– This is typically where our graduates will start, at wages between $12 and $16 per hour. ( based on past student placement through the Academy), moving into the $20 plus dollar an hour range in just a short time. This translates to a starting wage of $26,000 per year to $33,000 per year. Not bad for just 4 weeks of HVAC training! Your typical day will be to receive calls in your company supplied truck, from your dispatcher, who will direct you to customers who are in need of air conditioning and heating repair. You will greet the customer, trouble shoot the system, repair the system, usually with parts on your truck, bill the customer, and receive payment. Most employers will have technicians rotate weekends for service calls, and usually pay time and a half, plus a per call bonus. If there are 8 HVAC tech’s in your company, you will be “on call” one weekend out of every 8. A great source of extra income for our HVAC career graduates!

Multi-National Companies-These jobs present themselves to those who are interested in large commercial HVAC repair, which systems operate on the same principles as residential, except the systems are bigger, and can have parts not found on residential units. Most technicians are company trained for the particular installations done by the company, and the company pays for training. These jobs pay up to $40 per hour and more, and generally several years of residential experience is required, as well as EPA-HVAC Certification.

Refrigeration Companies- Many HVAC repair companies also repair commercial refrigeration systems, and ice machines, and are looking for employee’s familiar with HVAC systems to train. The leasing companies then hire a staff of techs just to repair and maintain the refrigeration equipment they lease, an industry of it’s own, and another job opportunity for our graduates!

Own your own company- There are few other business that lends itself so well to be self employed! You only need a truck, some advertising, and a limited amount of parts, and you are in business. If you consider that the average HVAC company charges customers about $80 per hour, you can see that you don’t need a lot of customers to get off to a good start. Just one call per day, at $300 per call will gross you $6000/month! Most of the people you will be working for did exactly this, and with 4 years experience and passing the State Contractors licensing exam, you may too!


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