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Instructors and Assistants

Richard Buckley

We don’t believe that if you can’t do, you teach! One of your lead instructors is Richard Buckley, who has over 35 years experience in the HVAC career field, and attended Lamar University in Texas for studies and training in HVAC. Richard has worked as a residential specialist for 10 years, has put in over 25 years with TRANE Corporation, one of the worlds largest HVAC companies, as a chiller specialist, and is currently the service manager for AC All Stars, our wholly owned licensed Florida AC contracting company. He has been active in every aspect of the field, having held management positions, field support positions, and has been a supervisory service technician for over 35 years. There, simply put, isn’t anything in the HVAC field he cannot fix and teach.

Stephan Buckley

Stephan Buckley is Director of the South Florida Academy of Air Conditioning, and another of your experienced HVAC instructors. He has over 30 years in the teaching, EPA proctoring, and installation and repair end of the HVAC industry. He has given the National EPA AC certification and license test to over 2000 certified HVAC technicians since 2010, and has trained over 70 classes of HVAC technicians on both installation, maintenance and repair. Stephan is a Florida licensed AC contractor, and owns AC All Stars LLC HVAC service and repair company. He has accounts with residential and commercial customers, as well as several large national property management/warranty companies. He believes a hands on method of training is the only way a student really learns the trade, and he concentrates on getting the tools in the hands of the students!

Robert Mueller

Robert (Bob) is also a former graduate of South Florida Academy of AC, and is an electronic magician! He builds studio’s, gaming rooms, and knows the components of an HVAC system like nobody else. He is one of your teachers who will assist you with learning HVAC components, diagnosis, and repair, and can also tell you of his experiences as an employee of AC All Stars, also owned by the school. Another great example of where our graduates can end up in their careers!

Alejandro Zaviezo

Alejandro has been a long time employee of both the Academy and AC All Stars service company, and his job duties include teaching new students in both the 185 hour weekday class as well as the 60 hour weekend class. He is in charge of our Spanish/English classes, and can translate several languages at once so our students can gain full understanding of the subject materials. He is a regional service manager for AC All Stars, our wholly owned AC repair company, and is a master installer and service technician. Of course, he is a graduate of South Florida Academy of AC.

Mary Jane Incaprero

Mary Jane has been with the Academy nine years, and handles..well…everything! If you have questions on loans, grants, VA benefits, resumes, job placement, open houses, school credentials, or just about anything else, she is our go to person. She helps run both South Florida Academy of AC, as well as our State of Florida licensed AC repair company, AC All Stars. She knows village building codes, does all of the company permits and licensing for repair and installation work, and is universally EPA certified and, of course, a graduate of South Florida Academy of AC.